Creatives Project – Heather Hart


While in New York last year, some friends suggested we go check out a piece in the Brooklyn Museum a friend of theirs, Heather Hart, had done. It was called ‘The Eastern Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother’ and it was a pretty amazing piece to see and experience — and I say experience because this is not a painting on a wall but a life-size roof of a house laid bare on the museum floor that you can walk on and inside — I remember even having to sign a waiver.  It was a beautiful piece of work — going inside to place gold leaf on the inside walls felt almost transformative.

Recently, I saw she was doing a piece here in the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park for the summer.  I was excited not only because I have been loving the temporary pieces SAM has installed there (loved loved loved last year’s ‘Air Below Ground’ by Carolina Silva) but because I had seen images of the construction of The Western Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother’ and it just looked so at home there.  You really should go check it out if you’re in the area.

Thanks Heather Hart for braving traffic and rain to sit for a portrait in the Creatives Series!

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New Work for Village Theatre


I had been meaning to write a post about this for some time but it always seems things have gotten away from me….family, work, and an ill-advised move to California in the middle of all that!  But, this past year I have had the pleasure with working with the Village Theatre on some of their marketing and promotional efforts.  We shot some great images for ‘Big River’ (which I shot while perched precariously on a small boat and photographed while successfully NOT falling into a river!), got soaking wet on Tiger Mountain while shooting for ‘Trails,’ and had a lot of fun shooting stills for ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’  I was most excited to shoot the images for ‘Chicago’ though – such an iconic production.  Taryn Darr (aka Roxie Hart) delivered amazingly and I had to try and not sound like a totally clichéd photographer. Some great people over there at Village Theatre and I hope you get a chance to go check out one of their productions – ‘Chicago’ runs in their Issaquah location through June 29th.