Creatives Project – t.w. five


I agreed to meet Paula and Pernilla, the collaborative artist duo known as t.w. five, in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, where they were touching up one of their street murals.  They told me in an email that it was maybe not the best neighborhood around.  I was a little nervous, given that the idea I had in mind was to tie the two artists up.

“Well, the Tenderloin is the one place where people probably wouldn’t even look twice seeing two people tied up on the street,” Paula laughed.  Pernilla continued that the neighborhood might not have the best reputation but that the people they encountered while creating their artworks were always respectful and appreciative of the work they were doing.

They were game to be tied but, ultimately, we ended up in a more private location on the other side of San Francisco.  While there, we did cause a bit of a stir; people stopped, and stared, and even took pictures.  But, really, the only thing that was really bothersome was the occasional burst of wind that would blow Paula’s hair into her face.

Together, t.w. five create massive installation and street art pieces made of vinyl and I’m thrilled they agreed to be tied up for a photo!  Paula is Brazilian by birth; Pernilla is Swedish. They take their opposite cultures and melt them together in a way that is colorful and arresting, massive and gorgeous.