Creatives Series – Jherek Bischoff


I first saw Jherek Bischoff when he was one of the opening performers for Amanda Palmer (I should add I was not aware he was also a member of her band and played an important part in the development of her record).  This song totally captured me when he was up there playing it on his ukulele – it was amazing!  After the show, I went to download some of his music– and the album version of ‘Eyes’ actually has David Byrne singing on the track.  But the real standout is this amazing song, ‘Young and Lovely.’ – it really is a lovely track to swoon over.  Jherek composed the record entirely on his ukulele and then fleshed it out over the period of a few years – taking his laptop to other instrumentalists’ apartments to record them and then weaving all the pieces together.  It really is a pretty irresistible record.

Thanks to Jen and Connor for arm modeling their arms for me and to Pam Mandel, who loaned me some of the ukuleles and also plays with the Seattle ukulele band the Castaways.