Creatives Project – Konstantin Dimopoulos

I had noticed the electric blue trees in Westlake Park here in Seattle and was mesmerized by them. They almost glow in the gray Seattle skies and, now that spring is beginning to come about, even in the sunny skies too. Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos was kind enough to sit for a portrait for me this week. He is an amazingly nice fellow, eagerly answering folks’ questions about the trees as they passed us. ‘The Blue Trees’ is a statement about deforestation and, as we were talking, he mentioned “I would rather paint the trees blue than cut one down.” I thought that was pretty apt a point. I should also mention here that the pigment used to paint the trees is water soluble, will fade over time (he estimates maybe six months), and absolutely does not harm the trees.

Creatives Series – Anna Waronker

Singer-songwriter Anna Waronker has been one of my favorites since she was the lead singer in that dog back in the 90s. I remember walking into the Tower Records in the University District and seeing ‘Retreat from the Sun’ on sale for something like $6.99. I had heard the single Never Say Never, liked it, and bought the record. I don’t think it came out of my CD player for months. I searched out their back catalog and loved all of those, too. Her solo work is just as amazing — check out I Wish You Well off her first record or California Fade off her latest record.

Creatives Series – Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee

Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee are main title designers for films — you’ve probably seen their work in the amazing opening sequences of ‘Juno,’ ‘Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist,’ ‘Up in the Air,’ and more. In addition, they are two of the nicest people to work with! After much scrambling about on my part to find the perfect image, the best choice was close to home — this is in their kitchen. Simple, clean, and speaks to them.  You can see more of their work here.