The Creatives Project – Kristin Hersh

I was lucky to have the privilege of photographing singer-songwriter-artist-author Kristin Hersh this past weekend. In a panel discussion she had earlier in the day at Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival, the conversation veered towards artists and songs that were a certain soundtrack to peoples’ lives … I think specifically, someone on the panel was talking about Paul McCartney. For me, a lot of the soundtrack of my early college days and throughout the nineties was the amazing Throwing Muses. And then, Kristin’s solo work (‘Hips and Makers’ specifically) continued that soundtrack for me. I profusely thank her for the music.

The Creatives Project

I’m moving my “Creatives Project” blog over to this page, since it is my main blog and it’s difficult to manage all these blogs! I’ve been convinced that everything should be consolidated in one space so here it all is! The Creatives Project has come into being as an outlet for a personal project of mine — it started casually, just wanting to photograph people of all artistic stripes who inspire me. I’ve been asked a few times, well what is the end goal of this whole thing? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. It started as a personal project for me while the economy tanked and freelance jobs became more scarce. It’s a great opportunity to have creative freedom in creating some (hopefully) wonderful portraits!

Top row: Dancer/singer/actress Melinda Parks (aka Jules Leotard); Illustrator and writer Jessie Olseon (aka Cakespy); book cover designer Chip Kidd.

Middle Row: Writer/actress Lauren Weedman; Actor/writer/musician/’Stranger’ Genius John Osebold; ‘boy-lesque’ performer Waxie Moon.

Bottom Row: The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman; Actress Marya Sea Kaminski; artist Kelly Lyles.