Dailies – August 11, 2011 (Richland, WA)

I had to do an assignment recently in Richland, Washington — a town out in the middle of the state almost in the middle of nowhere. Well, at one time it was the middle of nowhere and that made it a perfect place to build the Hanford Nuclear Site to help create the atomic bomb. I had been here for an assignment before and found it to be a little on the creepy side but I couldn’t fiure out why. Was it the six lane highways in the middle of the desert (which I later found out were this way in order to allow planes to land should the need arise)? Or perhaps the idea that random nuclear particles were flitting about? Or maybe the weird quiet I encountered? All of those things were still in my mind this time as well – -but look at the Americana here! I had heard there was a bit of an atomic theme in town at point point but could find little of it – -except for the sign at the bakery claiming to be the ‘Home of the Atomic Bombe Cake.’ Other than that, a lot of quiet and emptiness.


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