Dailies – July 15, 2011

So, a friend of mine, Tamara Paris, recently went on a road trip with her family and posted some adventures from the road on Facebook.  One day, she mentioned this Roadside America app for her iPhone and I was intrigued.  I had loved the Roadside America web site so thought the app would be great, too.  And, I had to go on a little adventure to eastern Washington for a shoot and used the app to see if there was anything along the way — and, lo and behold, I found out about this town — Granger, WA.  It’s filled with giant dinosaur sculptures and a totally all-American, small town vibe.  And, only two minutes out of my way!  Ahhh, mini-adventure en route to work….


Dailies – July 5, 2011

The Lions Club held an incredibly large parade in Seattle that clogged traffic and was Seattle’s own little “carmagedden” apparently.  I wasn’t that freaked out by it but apparently others were…