Dailies – February 20, 2011

My shoot with the children’s band Recess Monkey this morning was awesome.  The guys came ready to mug for the camera, the set & lights looked great, just a fun time.  And, I think we got a great image to boot!  This is one of my favorites so far!  Haven’t even finished editing all the images!

 Special thanks to Zoe for the gigantic Raggedy Ann doll, Diane for added special “stuffies,” Recess Monkey (of course!), and the lady in Louisiana who sold me her perfect E.T. doll for the shoot which my kids are now loving (it burps if you push its hand so that’s hilarious – well, if you’re three years old or Sam and myself!).

Dailies – February 17, 2011

Today was a fun day as I went to photograph Ms. Cakespy, Jessie Oleson, at her retail shop up on Capital Hill as part of my “Creatives” series.  I had randomly walked in there last week on a hunt for an ideal Valentine’s gift and met the lovely Ms. Oleson and found her so easy to talk to and as sweet as the goods surrounding her (nothing was really edible, though there were some cupcakes upstairs for a gallery opening).  I walked around the gallery upstairs and, of course, noticed the giant ice cream cones up there.  And, as I was paying for my purchases (a sweet tie for Sam and some lollipops from This Charming Candy for the kiddos), I asked about possibly showing some of my work up there, knowing my stuff might be a bit of a long shot in her space.  We exchanged emails and I sent her some work the next day.  I didn’t end up with a show but couldn’t get the shop and the giant ice cream cones upstairs off my mind and, here’s the end result!  Thanks Jessie for working with me on this image!