Random Things I Like This Week

I haven’t kept up with this part of my blog in a long time, probably about a year, but here it is once again — new and improved! 

>> I have loved Anna Waronker forever and am so excited for her new record, California Fade, next month.  I’m sure it will be on constant rotation for me.  Here’s the first video from the album:

 >> I think everyone and their brother has already blogged about her, but I still think Vivian Maier’s story and work are pretty incredible!

>> Gabriela Herman’s Portraits of Bloggers series is fascinating to look at.

>> Love Frank Chimero and I love this series!  Three of them are hanging in my son’s room. 


Dailies – January 19, 2011

This is my contribution to the project I’m working on with Allison Kline: The Conversation.  My jumping off point was Allison’s owl painting (you can see that here) – I had originally envisioned something a bit different than this.  I was going to have these mounted animal masks hanging on the wall like some kind of crazy animal hunting lodge … I wanted a model in some kind of avant-garde, Bjork-like outfit off to the side of the mounted heads with a pile of feathers blowing – a pile of feathers so big that they would be almost obscuring her face.  I put a call out there in the universe looking for the perfect model/dress combination and my friend Melinda suggested “boy-lesque” performer Waxie Moon (click here for an article about Waxie in The Stranger).  I immediately remembered Waxie from the burlesque story I worked on for MSN’s City Guides two years ago (unfortunately, the burlesque story is no longer online but you can see some of the images on my web site here) – she was a standout performer that I had seen in several of the shows.  There was suddenly no one else who could be in this photo but Waxie!  I did have the animal masks and was working on the set but it didn’t feel quite right – this is the end result of a great collaboration between myself, Allison, and Waxie!  I am so excited for the rest of the project … stay tuned as we hopefully launch it at ArtsCrush 2011!

Dailies – January 16, 2011

This all started with a Christmas shopping trip.  I had spotted the coffee cup while out and about and it made me smile, I had to pick it up.  I knew it might come in handy as a prop someday.  And, in my head, this coffee cup always belonged in this particular kitchen — they seemed to go hand in hand.  So, when I found out this kitchen would no longer be available to me to use pretty soon as a location, I moved fast and arranged a shoot to be done.  Voila!

Dailies – January 7, 2011

Don’t often get out for a beer these days but I went out to see a friend’s performance this particular evening and imbibed in a pitcher of beer with my friend Melissa at the Cha Cha Lounge.  So, maybe I’m getting old but seriously, I’m talking to the woman who just thought she was so pretty andcould go right up to the front of the line at a crowded bar and get her drinks.  And, seriously Mister Bartender, did you really have to serve her after she so obviously cut directly to the front of the line?  Again, perhaps I’m getting to be just a grouchy old man.  Now, go, shoo — get off my lawn!

‘Picture Black Friday’ Finalist!!

I am pleased and honored to be a finalist in the ‘Picture Black Friday’ show.  The judges include a lot of folks I admire a ton:  Joel Meyerowitz, Andy Adams of one of my favorite photo blogs, Flak Photo, Matt Stuart, and others.  I had wanted to participate in this show last year but time got away from me …. I almost forgot about it this year as well and, on a whim, got my camera out and did some shooting!  I had a strong feeling about a couple of the images but you never know how things are going to turn out!  And, that’s the finalist picture above — the guy on the left gave me his email address to send him a photo but I couldn’t read it once I got back home — if you know him, let me know so I can send a pic to him!

Dailies – January 3, 2011

I had a rare day off all to myself and decided I should go check out the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum before it closes on January 17th.  I had been warned about lines and crowds so I went early, about 15 minutes before the museum opened.  There was already a small line formed that quickly snaked around the corner.  It was freezing cold out there but the sun was shining bright – a rarity in Seattle in January!  The exhibit itself was wonderful – the crowd was manageable and the paintings were well laid out and amazing as expected.  The surprise was seeing Picasso’s sculptures … I have seen them before and I’m not sure if it was just the way the museum  displayed the sculptures or what but they were stunning. 

After browsing the show for a bit, I walked through the rest of the museum as well – I actually think this was the first time I’ve been to the museum since they re-designed it!  I was happily surprised by the amount of contemporary art that was in the museum – there were some really stunning pieces in there and I was really impressed with how well laid out it was. 

I was also happily surprised to see some photography in there – -and photographs made with a Diana camera no less!  I was obsessed with the Diana for several years (an obsession that has since been overtaken by my iPhone camera to tell you the truth).

Anyway, here are a few snaps from the show and the day walking around downtown in the beautiful sunshine!