Dailies – October 27, 2010

They’re building this shop there on Fifth called Spitalfields All Saints — they’ve been building it for a while and it seemed all mysterious.  They had this giant faux-brick wall built around it and then they removed that to reveal windows filled with antique Singer sewing machines (which was pretty cool) and then they started filling it with mannequins and clothes.  These guys didn’t stay here very long, they were moved to their permanent places shortly after I snapped this, but they look so deliberate sitting there like that…

Dailies – October 15, 2010

Does anyone remember that magazine Shift back in the mid-late nineties?  They were a techy-type magazine catering to , what I assume, is people in the know and cutting edge of technology.  I shot this place, Metrix Create:Space, for MSN Local while they were in the midst of expanding and moving and preparing for a grand re-opening type party.  The vibe while I was there felt like everyone had an urgency to get it done and move on to the next project and create more — bigger, better, faster.  It felt like there was an unlying cool vibe there of people who were smart and creating things that you just knew were going to be cool.  I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, but these people would have been Shift readers I think — and I think this is a photo I would have wanted to make for them back when they were still in existence!