Dailies – September 21, 2010

I shot this for a story on the great dive bars across the country for MSN.com’s Local channel.  This is the noted Blue Moon Tavern here in Seattle — a place I had passed perhaps a thousand times but had never stepped foot inside (my dive bar of choice being the now shuttered Buckaroo Tavern in Fremont).  I had always heard this was Tom Robbins’ favorite watering hole, among others, and was always a bit curious.  I raced here as the sun was setting because I wanted to get their awesome neon sign with that sun-just-set twilight blue color.  Just my luck that the gentlemen there on the right wanted to be a part of the photo!

Dailies – September 16, 2010

My friend Allison Kline and I are collaborating on a piece we’re calling ‘The Conversation’ for next year’s ArtsCrush event where I create a piece and hand it off to her to create a piece based off of and then she hands that piece back to me to use as a launch pad to create a new piece.  This image was my contribution for September … thanks to the fabulous Melinda Parks for modeling!

Dailies – September 10, 2010

Went back to Pennsylvania for a 90th birthday celelbration for my Grandma Kelly.  It was nice to take my family back to see a lot of the places I had grown up with — this was the first time in maybe 15 years I had been back to this neck of the woods.  I can’t even remember when I was last at this place – Conneaut Lake.  I may have learned to swim here (either here or nearby Woodcock Dam) but I definitely know I’ve swam in these waters!