Dailies – February 20, 2010

I immediately stopped, dropped everything, and started taking some pictures here.  The guy whose feet are in the background was watching me saying, “What the hell? What the hell?”  I was smiling ear to ear and he looked at me, grabbed out his cell phone and said, “Well, I gotta take a picture of it, too!”


Dailies – February 19, 2010

I am intrigued by this location down off of East Marginal Way in Seattle.  There are these walls around a space underneath Highway 99 and, one day while driving past, I noticed a person kind of flying behind the wall before disappearing.  Turns out some kids built a skateboard ramp underneath the highway and they’re there hanging out … I drive past this almost everyday in the late afternoon and the light is pretty amazing.  And, of course, seeing an abandoned sofa with the “No Dumping” painted on it just made me smile.

Dailies – February 2, 2010

Oddly enough, it’s February and seems like spring in Seattle.  I think it got up to sixty degrees today?  Sam told me he heard this apparently has been one of the strongest El Nino winters in some time.  All I know is that it feels like the days might be getting longer and I see tulips coming up out of the ground and it’s just barely February.

Dailies – February 1, 2010


I always like checking into this block  by the old Bon Marche parking garage (now Columbia shop – Macy’s parking garage).  Behind that wall is the giant hole that’s been there for at least a year now — I see earth movers and tractors back there now but nothing really moving that fast.